Death is very serious matter when pertaining to religions. Each religion has rituals that
"The voodoo conceptualization of the world involves the belief in continuity between life and death. In voodoo, death is perceived as a regeneration of all society if the various death rituals and the burial services are well executed. Also, considerable importance is attributed to dead persons and the regular maintenance of the tomb. Thus the cult of voodoo succeeds in attaining a reconciliation between the world of the alive and the world of the dead."
Before a Muslim person passes on, they are required to recite the Shahaadah (decalration) - Laa ilaaha illa-Allah, which means "there is no true god except Allah." If the person is unable to do this, a person must prompt them to do so. This in arabic is named Talqueen.
Also, Muslims are encouraged to be present when non-Muslims are dying to present Islam to them before leaving the body. Muslims are encouraged to say good words in the presence of a person who is dying,