What is the issue you will focus on?
The issue I will focus on for this project is death rituals.

What different religions, texts, or sources do you plan to use?
The different religions I am going to use are Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism. The sources I am going to use are:

You should care about this issue, because every religion has a different death ritual. The religions we are going to be focusing on in this brochure are Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism. These three religions all have a very different death ritual. The types of things that can be learned from this brochure are the way that all three of the religions above do their death rituals.

Buddhists death rituals vary from culture to culture. In the Indian Buddhists death rituals. they cut the body up and fed it to the vultures, because the human body is good for vultures to eat and their is no significance to the human body after it is dead. Although, at the time the person dies, they think it is helpful to encourages the dying person to have a peaceful mind and to be familiar with the transformations they are going to go through on their path of rebirth. Usually though, there aren't any strict death rituals because after you die your body isn't significant anymore. Usually, Buddhist monks will come to your house and chant Buddha's Dharma.

Hindus think that humans go through reincarnation after death according to the person's karma. They do many different death rituals to the dead to make sure that the person's soul rests in peace. The rituals that are performed are done to depart the soul from the person that is dead. A lot of prayers, songs, and a lot of purifying rituals that include fire are done. All members of the family including the children participate in the rituals. For Hindus, they would rather their loved ones die in their homes, than in the hospital.

Jewish people forbid suicide, because they value their lives. They believe that the person dying should not be left alone and they should be treated with respect and love. It is a mitzvah (a Jewish Law) that you be by the side of a someone that is dying. There are no on your deathbed confessions, and when they first die you say these words, "Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe, the true Judge."

The sources that I used show what the death rituals are in Hinduism, Buddhism, and in Judaism. They all have different ways to do a death ritual. The sources connect, because they all show the same type of information, but they are different because they have different information. The sources matter because they show all the information that you could use to better understand the death rituals for the three religions.

All three religions that are talked about in this brochure have very different death rituals. They are not the same in any way. Some death rituals are very disgusting, and some are not.