Abortion Views of Judaism, Atheism, Christianity

Abortion can strongly affect women in many different ways. A woman may be stripped from her rights if she receives an abortion or she is accepted. There are many various views about abortion and how it is very important among women in our society today.

BBC - Religions - Judaism: Abortion

"Judaism does not forbid abortion, but it does not permit abortion on demand. Abortion is only permitted for serious reasons."

Judaism is not completely pro-choice on abortion. But there are standards that the woman must meet in order to be able to get an abortion. However, there are some classical jewish people who strongly disagree on the idea of abortion. Judaism has "acceptable circumstances". They also different views about how they would deal with situations of whether the mother was raped or it was incest, and how they resolve or "approve" of getting an abortion or not. Judaism also deal with whether mothers are able to get an abortion or not if the baby's head emerges out. This is an issue because it shows how the woman who just gave birth does not have rights to control what she wants to do with her child. It shows how the religion is taking over control and showing her what to do. Many Judaisists have multiple different point of views on how "important" a fetus is and what it matters. This is a problem because if the mother's family thinks the fetus is an "actual human being with the full potential of a life" then it affects the mother and reclines her desire of getting an abortion. Due to her surrounds, she cannot get an abortion because of these different views of the "values" of a fetus. Overall, Judaism is not completely against abortion but it has rules about when it is appropriate to receive an abortion. It is a complete issue because women should be oppressed by sayings of the Judaism religion. She is in her own body, it is not fair that a religion is making her decisions and giving her "permission" to get an abortion or not.

Atheism: Godless Views on the Legality and Morality of Abortion


"Godless views on whether abortion is moral and whether a woman’s right to choose abortion should remain legally protected are almost never consulted."Although atheist people do not believe in any God, but abortion is a principal in life. And believe it or not, atheist people do have very strong opinions on this topic. With Atheism, there is about four parties about the view on abortion. Pro-Choice, Anti-Abortion Atheists, Pro-Choice, Pro-Abortion Atheists, and Pro-Life, Anti-Choice Atheists.The pro-choice anti abortion atheists somewhat disagree on the use of abortion but they think banning abortion will just make everything at it's worst point of situations. This is an issue because this party could be discriminating on women who got an abortion before but can have another face behind their mask that "abortion is better than nothing." Pro-choice pro-abortion atheists believe that abortion could be an extremely positive decision and something you shouldn't be ashamed of and also whether or not you have made the right decision, there's a lot of depth about this type of party. The third is pro-life anti-choice atheists, are more aimed towards doctors and clinics who do abortions for women. They are connected with fundimentalists. This is a very big issue because these are people who would overthrow government for a burning passion of thinking that abortion is murder. This could lead to banning legal abortion in clinics. Which will force women who are so desperate for a abortion, that she will do anything that takes to get rid of her carriage. This will put the mother's life in danger, risking her life, causing her major health issues in the long run, etc. This is extremely dangerous for women who really desire an abortion.

BBC - Religions - Christianity: Abortion


"The Church says that human life begins when the woman's egg is fertilised by a male sperm."
Some classic christian people have very strong opinions on abortion. Most of them are completely against the idea of a woman getting an abortion. Because they consider every fetus, a complete human being that has a soul with a full grown personhood. And that "killing" a fetus is considered "killing any other person". This is a huge issue because everyone has a different opinion on how much a fetus is worth. Sometimes, it isn't even about that. It also depends on the situation the mother is put through. If we also don't consider these situations, the mother has very limited choices.

In conclusion, the overall idea of views on abortion that are based off of religion rules are very important. Another big main issue for moralities on abortion is that in this world, we will always have people have a very strong opinion on abortion. Espcially those who want to overthrow the law of legal abortion. And those who just don't care.