Symbols of Worship
Many people living in different areas are influences by religions. They worship their God differently and they have celebrations on holidays. They followed the holy rituals with signs that represents them. This issue talk about three religions about symbols. Symbols are very important to each religion because there is a story that was passed down to each generations. People need to depend on their symbols because it represents their religion of becoming one of them. Religions may be different when they believe differently, but it may gather society together. There are tons of religions, but the main focus are Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism. Millions of people are following these types of religions and there may be a relationships of different prospectives of believing the God. Each symbols shows the identity of their background stories.

Let's begin with the overview of this religion. People had been told that Jesus (God's son), had been sacrifice his life for other people. People who follow this religion have cross necklace, and the community churches will have Jesus on the cross.Back in the day people who committed a crime they will get punished, but the significants of Jesus is he sacrificed his life for sins. People worship the cross to guide their life because the story are told that it takes away sin or forgive their own mistakes. Bible is a documentary where all the rules are in there. They will be connected to Jesus more when they have all these physical symbols because they believe on their religion. One of the quote from biblegateway, it says "When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit." The text says that Jesus will come back to life for suppers and on special holidays. They believe that Jesus will help them guide their life even though he had taken away all sins. People had followed this story for a long period because it symbolize their beliefs. and the considerations of Jesus. Crucifix is a powerful symbol for the religion of Religion because they believe that it will bring hope for the family because it gives people an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and the religion says forgiveness will help them.

Here is a picture of a crucifix with Jesus.

Hinduism had been passed down since 1400 B.C that was a cultural religion originated from India and Nepal. Hinduisms have significant pieces in poems, rituals and stories of their beliefs and many other more. Hinduism is really important because it is the third largest religion in the world. The religion have so many Gods, but there is a supreme god which is Brahma. The religion talked about how Brahma believed that life starts in three god form of the universe of creation.
Earth, Atmosphere, Heaven.
The religion have a symbol that represents their own culture and the symbol is a Sanskrit. Sanskrit is a letter that means the first principle of the world. This symbol is really important because the uniqueness of the language that was passed down by centuries and how the language had evolved over time. The symbol is a sacred text that gives a symbolic words that gives verbal text and gives prayers to understand the meaning of of the words. One main reason is the text was practice in meditations practice to allow them to understand the meaning of life. A quote from hinduism is " I laugh, I love, I hope, I try, I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry. And I know you do the same things too, So we’re really not that different, me and you."- Lord Rama
This quote is really powerful because it talks about how everyone is the same and no one is different. Personality may be different from each other, but everyone's feelings will be the same because people are alike. People think that some people are better than other, but the religion believe that everyone should be treated right. For example, when is bad, things will haunt you down and good karma will bring a better life.

Here is a picture of a Sanskrit letter.

People who follow Judaism worship gods where they believe in faith. They believe that God had created the world for people to have kindness towards society. People talked about how God created people to achieve his commandments and some failed and other people achieved. The main symbol of the religion is Star of David and it can be name as Magen David. The symbol is really important because David had been using this symbol for prayers of Jews and the Jewish Star was there since two millennia. Israel had use the symbol for their flag because it symbolize as Judaism. The Star of David is popular in buildings, graves, World War two because of Hitler tried to vanquish all the Jewish people. The meaning of the star is that God had made up the universe of six directions; north, south, east, west, up, down. The triangle in the star represents the good and evil and the star protects the evil. Also the overlapping of the star represents the relationship with God and people. The symbol came from a myth from King David who fought Nimrod and the two triangles had protected David. The story was told in the era where the symbol became so popular in the religion of Judaism.
Star of David.

People believe in different religions where they follow the rules differently. Believe it or not, all religions have similars rules. For example, each religions have their own vaules about hope, peace and kindness. Each religion didn't talk about how evilness is better than peace. Symbols and myths represent their guidance of humanity because people need something to rely on. People embrace their own religion to have a better understanding of God and humanity. One of the quote says "Yes I am, I am also a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, and a Jew.”― Mahatma Gandhi. Religions are similar when the myths are the same when the lengend talked about how God created the world and take away sins and evilness. The only difference are the symbols and some story because people had been influenced by the story by countries.

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